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Announcing Dart 2.1

The Dart 2.1 release is now available. This update to Dart 2 offers smaller code size, faster type checks, better usability for type errors, and new language features to improve productivity when building user experiences.

See our Medium post for the full announcement.

Announcing Dart 2 Stable and the Dart Web Platform

The stable release of Dart 2 is now available, including a rewrite of the Dart web platform that offers a unique combination of productivity, performance, and scalability.

See our Medium post for the full announcement.

Getting packages ready for Dart 2

And making your packages look great on the Pub site!
We expect the Dart 2 release to graduate to stable in the immediate future. Thus, it’s critical that you migrate your code — especially any packages you have published — to be Dart 2 compatible now!
To support this work we’ve made some enhancements to the Pub site to better show potential issues. See our Medium post for full details.

Announcing Dart 2: Optimized for Client-Side Development

Today, we’re announcing Dart 2, a reboot of the language to embrace our vision of Dart: as a language uniquely optimized for client-side development for web and mobile.

See our Medium post for the full announcement.

Flutter plugin v21 now available -- Introducing the NEW Flutter Inspector

Flutter Inspector

We’re very excited to be able to announce the first version of the Flutter Inspector for IntelliJ and Android Studio! It will be featured in a talk at DartConf in LA (Wednesday, Jan. 24, 10am Pacific time) and will be live streamed on the DartConf website and on the Google Developers channel on Youtube. Be sure to watch it.

The inspector makes it much easier to understand why your application is rendering the way it does. It allows you to:  View the UI structure of your app as a tree of widgets. Select a point on your device or simulator and find the corresponding Widget that rendered those pixels. View properties for individual widgets. Generally, better understand layout issues.  The inspector view can be opened via View > Tool Windows > Flutter Inspector (it shows content only when an app is running). To inspect a specific widget, select the ‘Toggle inspect mode’ action in the toolbar, then click on the desired widget on the phone or simulator. The widget will …

Flutter plugin v20 now available for Android Studio and IntelliJ

The M20 release of the Flutter plugin is now available! Fixes and improvements include:
improved the "Open with Xcode..." logic to work better for plugin projectsimproved flutter run console filteringimprovements to unit test running supportbug fixes to project creation in order to properly respect custom creation options (such as target language)and, bug fixes to issues encountered when deleting projects For existing users, Android Studio / IntelliJ should prompt you to update. If not, select 'Check for updates...' from the main menu. New users can install the plugin by selecting ‘Preferences’ > ‘Plugins’ and searching for ‘Flutter’ (or, see our install instructions).

Also available is the new package site,, which now makes it easier to find Dart packages for use with Flutter.

Dart Language and Library Newsletters

Unless you're a member of the Dart misc group, you may be missing Florian Loitsch's weekly newsletters, which started in July. They live in the SDK repo (docs/newsletter), but Florian also posts them in the misc group. These newsletters cover the Dart language and some of the core libraries. Read them to learn about existing features ("Did you know"), planned changes, and how the Dart team considers and implements changes. For example: The July 28 newsletter (the first) starts with some 1.24 language changes that you might have missed: function types and changes to void. It also talks about the unified front end, and what that means for language changes. Finally, the letter lists features in active development, such as zones that work well with strong mode, void as a type, and changes to the core libraries.The September 29 newsletter covers 1.x JSON encoding, and plans for fixed-size integers.The October 13 newsletter covers 1.x double.toString methods and planned …

Flutter IntelliJ plugin v19: Fit and Finish

IntelliJ EAP support This month’s release now supports the public preview release of Intellij 2017.3. With this release, you’ll get a new version of the Dart plugin. That release includes features to help you better navigate and understand large build() methods, including things like showing synthetic text ‘closing labels’ at the end of nested constructors.
Android Studio support improvements We’ve continued to work on our Android Studio integration (first available in the last month’s release). The fixes and improvements here include: fixes to the language selector in the project wizard fixes to the label on the project location directory picker showing when a valid path is entered in the SDK field of the project wizard displaying a warning when installing the plugin into canary builds of Android Studio 3.1 minor UI tweaks, like using consistent punctuation Fit and Finish We’ve also polished the plugin generally, and closed out many issues in: the hot reload integration and r…

You are invited to DartConf Los Angeles!

Tickets (for free) are available for DartConf Los Angeles on January 23 & 24th! In addition to hearing about Dart 2.0, you might also enjoy:Access to Dart, Flutter, and AngularDart engineers via office hours and unconference rooms.In-depth talks about Dart, Flutter, and AngularDart, including how the latter two overlap.Practical guides for Dart, Flutter, and AngularDart developers.Insight into what the teams are working on and how it will affect your projects. You might also enjoy the average high temperatures in Los Angeles for January (68°F / 20°C). Learn more and sign up at hope to see you there!