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Deprecation notice: Migrate from dart:dom to dart:html

Posted by Vijay Menon

We strive to improve the web development experience, and we’ve been working hard on a better DOM interface for browser programming. The Dart team has been developing the dart:html library and improving its performance for the past several months, and we believe that it provides a much better experience for Dart programmers than the old dart:dom library.

For example, dart:html handles cross-browser compatibility for various cases (with more compat work coming), provides a more jQuery like experience for querying the DOM, and makes interaction with the DOM feel natural to Dart developers.

We are now ready to deprecate dart:dom in favor of dart:html (tracked via Bug 2517).  This means that we will remove the dart:dom library from user facing code no sooner than Monday, May 7th. Please migrate your code to dart:html before this date, and report any problems at Sometime soon after this date, you will not be able to access dart:dom.

The dart:html librar…

JSON web services with Dart community article

Posted by Seth Ladd

We have just published a new article on writing JSON based web services with Dart. You'll learn how to use the trusty XMLHttpRequest and combine it with Dart's type checking and code completion. Didn't think it was possible? Read on, my friendly Dartisan!

This article was written by Chris Buckett, an early adopter and Dart community member. The Dart team wants to encourage you to contribute to by writing articles and blog posts. If you've built show off something fun you built with Dart, or simply want to help others learn Dart, we'll work with you to edit and publish your posts.


Rename refactoring improvements with new Dart Editor build

Posted by Dan Rubel

New Dart Editor build available. Highlights from build 6943 include
better management of console viewallow multiple consoles to be visible for multiple running applicationsrename refactoring improvements and bug fixescleanup launch configurations of removed/deleted applicationsanalysis support for same prefix for multiple importsJavaScript compiler and Dartium improvementsUI and analysis improvements and bug fixes
Read the full change log or start with the Dart Editor tutorial.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Dart Editor gets Run improvements, and more

Posted by Dan Rubel

The new Dart Editor build available. Highlights from build 6722 include:

rename method and field (work in progress)click "Run" button launches last launched applicationnew context menu "Run" for running current selectionkeyboard shortcuts for debugging step in / over / outnew preference "remove trailing whitespace on save"automated UI tests under constructioncode completion and analysis resiliency improvements Read the full change log or start with the Dart Editor tutorial.
Thanks for your feedback!

Dart language tour now available

Posted by Kathy Walrath

The first version of the Dart language tour is now available.

We tried to keep it short, useful, and focused on language features, although we couldn't help but touch on a bit of the dart:core library.

The tour should be useful both for learning about the language and as a reference for Dart idioms.

Please try it out and let us know whether it helped you, how we can make it better, and what other docs and improvements to you'd like to see.


Dart Language progress update

Posted by Gilad Bracha

The Dart language team gathered to discuss some of the open issues with the language.

Language Bugs: Will review language bugs and either fix, mark as deferred to future release (meaning no decision but distinctly possible in the future) or close. 30 bugs already processed last week.

Cascades: The new dart2js compiler has implemented the spec. We will review to see if spec needs minor adjustments in light of implementation experience. We don’t expect any significant changes.

Defaults in interfaces:  We expect to support these. Intended semantics are to give a warning if violated by implementor. However, if no default is given in the interface we will not interpret that as a default of null.  People can override in the default code if they want to, and may have reason to.  In any case we have no way force them to do otherwise. We will pin down draft specification.

Generics reification: We discussed whether to back off of that. The decision is to retain reification un…

Dart Team's (Bi)Weekly Digest

Posted by Anders Sandholm

Another round of updates from the Dart team:
In Dartium we now have better memory management in DOM bindings and better support for IndexedDB API and various other APIs.In the Dart Editor full debugging is turned on by default and we have an initial cut of new html + css editors. We have live css editing, i.e., your css edits get pushed up to Dartium live, without you having to refresh or relaunch the browser. Moreover, we landed a few improvements on: 1) debugging field inspection and Dartium stability, 2) parser recovery and code completion and 3) dartdoc hover text. Finally, we have new Callers view.The work on pub is continuing - package: added to vm/frog/dart2js.The Dart Language Tour added classes, libraries, isolates, and interfaces.The Global Dart Hackathon was announced.

Tracking Dart feature implementation

Posted by Seth Ladd

Dart is moving quickly, here's a list of some features with their status in both the Dart VM and dart2js compiler. When appropriate, I've included a link to the issue so you can track the progress.

This is a snapshot in time, valid as of 2012-04-12.

Feature: Implicit interface of class
Spec: done
VM: issue 1971
dart2js: done
analysis: done

Feature: Lazy initialization of static variables
Spec: done (0.8)
VM: issue 2472
dart2js: ?
analysis: not done

Feature: const modifier for static variables
Spec: done (0.8)
VM: issue 2505
dart2js: ?
analysis: ?

Feature: Support for abstract classes and methods
Spec: done
VM: issue 1603
dart2js: done
analysis: done

Feature: Cascaded method invocations
Spec: done (0.8)
VM: issue 2501
analysis: ?

Feature: Concatenation of adjacent string literals
Spec: done (0.8)
VM: done
dart2js: ?
analysis: done

Feature: Call operator
Spec: done (0.8)
VM: issue 1604
dart2js: ?
analysis: not done

Feature: Revised semantics for …

Debugging enabled for Dart Editor, plus live CSS editing

Posted by Dan Rubel
A new Dart Editor build is now available. Highlights from build 6442 include: full debugging turned on by defaultinitial cut of new html + css editors (work in progress)live css editing your css edits get pushed up to Dartium live, without you having to refresh or relaunch the browsernew Callers viewdebugging field inspection and Dartium stability improvementsrename local variable (work in progress)parser recovery and code completion improvementsdartdoc hover text improvements Read the full change log or get started with the Dart Editor tutorial.
As always, the team appreciates your feedback!

Register now for the global Dart hackathon

Posted by Seth Ladd

You are invited to the worldwide Dart hackathon event. Be part of the next evolution of web programming and make an impact by hacking on Dart and sharing your feedback.

Locations include:

Silicon ValleyTel Aviv IsraelTokyo, JapanSeoul, KoreaPrague, Czech RepublicChandigarh, Goa, and Karnataka, IndiaLondon, England (coming soon)
This hackathon is a fun way to try Dart. Even though Dart is still in technology preview, there's plenty of language, libraries, editor, and compiler to JavaScript for you to test and hack on.

Register your team today!

New Dart Editor build includes Dartium for Windows

Posted by Dan Rubel
Announcing a new Dart Editor build available. Highlights from build 6167 include: Dartium included in Windows distro of Dart EditorHover over vars for current value when debuggingExclude files/folders from analysis via new "Don't Analyze" menuImprove editor handling of parens and bracesAdd the ability to view system sources when debuggingUpdated samples for IE9Analysis, debugger, editor, VM, and Dartium fixes and improvements You can read the full change log or start with the Dart Editor tutorial.

Dartium for Windows now available

Posted by Anton Muhin

You can now download Dartium for Windows! Dartium is our nickname for a Chromium-based browser that includes the Dart VM. Dartium can execute Dart web apps directly, so you don't have to compile your code to JavaScript until you're ready to test on other browsers.

Soon to come:

We’ll update the instructions at to help you use command-line flags for Dartium on Windows.The Windows version of Dart Editor will bundle Dartium, just like the Linux and Mac versions already do.
Word of caution: Dartium on Windows might be less stable than the Linux and Mac versions. Please report any issues you might find.

Finally, we’d like to thank everybody who helped us to verify that Dartium actually works on Windows.

Experimental comments for Dart API docs

Posted by Seth Ladd

In an effort to help capture tips and clarifications of our API docs, we've just turned on an experimental comment system for We invite the community to help build out a great documentation resource for Dart.

We will moderate the comments heavily, ensuring only actual clarifications, examples, tips, etc remain. We will moderate and possibly delete comments that do not directly assist other users of the API docs. The API doc comments are not the place for:

Bugs (please use questions (please use StackOverflow)Discussions (please use in languages other than English (because we can't moderate those effectively)Links to other websites The API doc comments are the perfect place for: Snippets showing best practice usage of the APIClarifications of the APIExample code using the API Because we may incorporate information from comments into the documentation, any comment submitted here is under the same …

Dart Editor demo and Q&A with team

Posted by Seth Ladd

We have just posted the video from Dartisans Ep 4 - Demo and Q&A from the Dart Editor team.

In this episode, the Dart Team gives a demo of the latest features of the Dart Editor (including edit and refresh cycle, creating a new project, browsing projects, warnings and errors, and more).

Thanks to the Dart Editor team for their time and answers to many questions!

What do you want to see in the next episode of Dartisans?