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Dart 1.18: Laying foundations

Dart 1.18 is now available. Go get it!

The team has been focused on implementation details over the last six weeks. The API changes to the SDK are very light – see the CHANGELOG – but we have been working hard laying the foundation for a number of important projects.

Improve the development and runtime experience for Flutter.Improve the speed and stability of Dart Analyzer, especially as it relates to dev_compiler.Work to finalize two language tweaksInitializing formals: trailing commas:
Download the latest release. Let us know what you think!

AngularDart is going all Dart

Until now, the multiple language flavors of Angular 2 were written as TypeScript source, and then automatically compiled to both JavaScript and Dart. We're happy to announce that we’re splitting the Angular 2 codebase into two flavors – a Dart version and a TypeScript/JavaScript version – and creating a dedicated AngularDart team.

This is amazing news for Dart developers because:

The framework will feel more like idiomatic Dart.It will make use of Dart features that couldn't work with the TypeScript flavor. It will be faster.
This is equally great news for our TypeScript and JavaScript developers, by the way. Cleaner API, performance gains, easier contributions. Read more on the Angular blog.

Angular 2 for Dart is used by many teams at Google. Most famously by the AdWords team, but many other Google teams build large, mobile-friendly web apps. Some of the top requests from these teams were: make the API feel like Dart, provide a faster edit-refresh cycle, and improve applicat…

Changes at

Today we simplified, making it reflect the current state of the project a little bit better.

We have for the fundamental Dart technologies—the language itself and the core libraries. And then we have separate websites for the different targets: for web appsFlutter for iOS & Android native appsDartino for IoTDart VM for command-line apps and servers Some other changes we made:
Feature the pages that people visit most often.Show the core goals of the project on the homepage.Completely rework the information architecture, from domains down to individual pages and sections.Set up for hosting event-related micro-sites.Reimplement the sites to make maintenance easier. More significant changes will come, but we needed to land these changes before going further.
If you notice that something's broken or could just be better, please let us know using the relevant issue tracker:…