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Showing posts from July, 2012

Dart Editor adds Quick Fix support, plus more fixes

Posted by Devon Carew

A new Dart Editor build is available at Changes include:
Support for method cascade syntax!list..add('that')..add('is')..add('pretty')..add('cool')Added quick fix support (aka auto-resolution of issues). Our initial quick fixes are:to automatically add library import directives, andto fix issues where static methods are incorrectly referenced as instance methods.Add a new refactoring: the ability to convert if-else statements to conditional expressions and vice-versa.Better support for using package: imports and setting --package-root in the Editor.Also, some fixes to auto-indent, fixes to the outline and apps views, rename refactoring fixes, and 7 analysis fixes. As always, view the changelog for the full list of changes, and to get started with the Editor see our tutorial.

Watch Dart's plan to make it easier for you to build web apps

Posted by Seth Ladd

Bob Nystrom, engineer with the Dart project, recorded a screencast of his presentation titled "Dart's plan to make it easier for you to build web apps".

From the video's abstract:
When we announced Dart, it kicked up a bit of a dust storm. In this talk, I discuss the challenges that Google and others face when building web apps today. I introduce Dart and show how its features were designed specifically to address some of those challenges.
You'll see how Dart protects you from many of the dark corners and sharp edges of JavaScript and the DOM. When your programs grow and evolve over time, you'll see how Dart can help keep your app nimble and maintainable. Thanks to Dart's Dart to JavaScript compiler, you'll see how you get all of that while still being able to run on any browser that supports modern JS and without the bad karma of fracturing the web.
You can learn more about Dart at and let us know what you …

Watch Dartisans ep 8, with Rikulo and import syntax changes

Posted by Seth Ladd

In this episode of Dartisans, we talk to the developers of Rikulo, an open source mobile web app framework built with Dart. We also chat with Gilad Bracha about the changes to the library import syntax coming with M1.

You can catch up with all the Dartisans videos or by subscribing to our podcast (direct or via iTunes). Enjoy!

Dart Editor now supports "extract method" refactoring

Posted by Devon Carew

A new Dart Editor build is now available. Highlights include:
Added an extract method refactoring.Fixed an analysis issue when files changed outside of the context of the Editor.The step-in command for the command-line debugger can now step into user libraries.Improved analysis performance during code completion.Improved the UX of our mark occurrences feature.We can now display static variables in the debugger.The 'library' node in the debugger changed to a 'globals' node - this now displays all reachable globals from the current library.Various fixes to Find References, the Callers view, code completion, and the Apps view. As always, view the changelog for the full list of changes, and to get started with the Editor see our tutorial.

Dartisans show now available as podcast

Posted by Seth Ladd

You can now subscribe to Dartisans, our show about the Dart project and community. Dartisans started as a video series that features special guests from the Dart team and contributors, and many people have asked for an easy way to subscribe to the audio. Bringing it back to 2005, we're happy to announce that Dartisans is available as a podcast!

There are six episodes already published, including conversations with the editor team, the VM team, and the pub package manager team. More episodes are on their way.

Point your favorite podcast player to the feed at and enjoy!  You can also subscribe directly from iTunes.

ElementList now deprecated, use List<Element>

Posted by Seth Ladd

Earlier today, Vijay Menon (engineer on the Dart project) posted the following news:

As a simplification, we plan to remove NodeList and ElementList as public types in dart:html shortly.  We ask instead that you use List<Node> and List<Element> respectively (or just plain List).  You should be able to move to these types today.
This is good news for a further simplified and Dart-friendly HTML library interface.

Draft spec changes to library and import

Posted by Gilad Bracha

Library Reform
This document provides a draft specification for changes to library & import changes.

As usual, specification changes are highlighted in yellow.

12. Libraries and Scripts
A library consists of (a possibly empty) set of imports, and a set of top level declarations. A top level declaration is either aclass, atype declaration, afunction or avariable declaration.

classDefinition |functionTypeAlias |functionSignaturefunctionBody |returnType?getOrSetidentifierformalParameterListfunctionBody | (final <