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Faster dart2js and new HTML editor in latest Dart SDK release

With today's milestone release, Dart is faster and more productive. Performance from generated JavaScript code is up, Dartium added a REPL, and Dart Editor has better HTML/CSS editing and a new pub package browser. dart2js generates faster JavaScript from Dart Thanks to a new type inference engine in the dart2js translator, some benchmark scores went up >100% since the previous milestone release. See for the latest performance numbers. New HTML/CSS editors in Dart Editor Dart Editor has new HTML and CSS editors that improve the web app authoring experience. If you edit HTML or CSS, you will now find: improved semantic highlighting of HTML and CSS elements  code completion / content assist  quick fixes / assists  code folding and enhanced navigation  hover info and hints  delimiter highlighting / bracket matching  Dart Editor now helps you find the right package for your app. Right-click on the packages folder in the Files vie