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Unboxing Packages: path

I want to do something a little different with my blog post this week. When I’ve written about packages in the past, I’ve mostly done a high-level overview of their APIs and how they fit into the Dart ecosystem as a whole. But path is one of the very oldest packages in the ecosystem, and any Dart user who’s written any server-side or command-line apps is probably already familiar with the API.So instead of a high-level overview, I want to do a deep dive. I want to talk about why we made the design decisions we made when writing path, and how we implemented our design effectively and efficiently. This post will be as much about how the package was constructed as it is about what the final product looks like.Initial DesignIt first became clear that Dart needed a solid solution for path manipulation when Bob Nystrom and I first started working on pub. Paths may seem simple on their face, but there’s a lot of hidden complexity when you need to make them work with all the edge case formats…

Dart 1.17: More performance improvements

Dart 1.17 is now available. Get it now!

We continued the work from 1.16 of working closely with some of our key users at Google to make sure Dart is even more productive for developers.

We've additionally optimized how our core tools deal with large applications, and have seen significant improvement over the last two releases. Dartium is now much more stable. We have improved the speed of the Dart Analyzer by more than 200% on large codebases. Last, but not least, Dartium startup time on large applications at Google has improved by a factor of 4.

We also made a number of smaller changes to core SDK APIs, please refer to the SDK changelog.