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New site for Dart news and articles

For the latest Dart news, visit our new blog at .

Flutter plugin v20 now available for Android Studio and IntelliJ

The M20 release of the Flutter plugin is now available! Fixes and improvements include: improved the "Open with Xcode..." logic to work better for plugin projects improved flutter run console filtering improvements to unit test running support bug fixes to project creation in order to properly respect custom creation options (such as target language) and, bug fixes to issues encountered when deleting projects For existing users, Android Studio / IntelliJ should prompt you to update. If not, select 'Check for updates...' from the main menu. New users can install the plugin by selecting ‘Preferences’ > ‘Plugins’ and searching for ‘Flutter’ (or, see our install instructions ). Also available is the new package site, , which now makes it easier to find Dart packages for use with Flutter.