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Sound Dart and strong mode

As of the 1.19 release, Dart supports an optional mode, called strong mode , that supports stronger static typing. Strong mode helps you find bugs sooner and contributes to making Dart a sound language. To learn more about using strong mode to enable soundness, including the how, the why, and fixes for common problems you might encounter, see: Sound Dart How and why to write sound Dart code, and how to use strong mode to enable soundness. Sound Dart: FAQ A list of common questions for those who are interested in stronger static typing. Sound Dart: Fixing Common Problems How to fix errors and warnings you may encounter when writing sound Dart code.

Dart in 2016: The fastest growing programming language at Google, 2nd fastest growing in TIOBE Index

Dart was the fastest growing programming language at Google in 2016 with millions of lines of code written. It also made it to TIOBE Index Top 20 this month (see TIOBE's methodology ). It takes time to build something as ambitious as Dart and, in some ways, Dart is still in its infancy. But we're glad the hard work is starting to pay off. Many thanks to our amazing community! We're going to celebrate by ... releasing 1.22 next week (as per our usual 6 week release schedule).