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What to expect at Google I/O 2017

Google I/O is happening in Mountain View this week. Here’s what you shouldn't miss if you're coming, or if you're following I/O from home. Figure 1: One of the Flutter apps that will be live-coded on stage. You will also be able to build it in one of the codelabs. Session: Prototyping to Production : Bridging the Gap with a Common Tool  by Fiona Yeung and David Yang Friday, 8:30am PDT Design and engineering collaboration is difficult but vital for iterative user-centered product development. Join us (a designer and UI developer) as we use the Flutter UI framework to evolve a UI concept from prototype to production code. You'll leave this talk with a deeper understanding of how to bridge the gap between designers and UI developers through a prototyping-centric workflow, and why using a single framework between designers and developers helps your team work more efficiently. Session: Single Codebase, Two Apps  with Flutter and Firebase  by Emily Shack and Emily Fort

AngularDart 3.0: Easy upgrade, better performance

AngularDart 3.0 is now available. It brings better performance and smaller generated code, while also making you more productive. Version 3.0 is an evolution: although it has some breaking changes (detailed below), it is a smooth upgrade due to minimal public API adjustments. Most of the progress is under the hood—in code quality, stability, generated code size, performance, and developer experience. Code quality: 2731  instances of making the framework code more type safe (using sound Dart ). The AngularDart framework code size is down by 12% . Many additional style updates to the codebase: Changed to use idiomatic <T> for generic methods. Removed NgZoneImpl , all the code exists in NgZone now. Stability: Many CSS encapsulation fixes due to update with csslib package. Fixed bugs with IE11. Performance: For the Mail sample app, we see 30%  faster time-to-interactive (currently 3812 ms on a simulated 3G connection, measured via Lighthouse ). Our large app bench