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New site for Dart news and articles

For the latest Dart news, visit our new blog at .

Google's German Election Map Powered by Dart

The Google Politics & Elections team launched a German federal elections  results map  powered by Dart , a new web programming language. Jason Brooks, a Google engineer that helped build the app, shares his experience using Dart: "We wanted to build a platform that would enable us to iterate quickly; to be flexible enough to allow us to experiment, while being robust enough to ensure the correctness of politically sensitive information. Dart has made it easy to build out a very capable platform. We are really excited about what we'll be able to do next." The application uses Google Maps to display results by district. Dart is used for the UI, and to draw the district boundaries. The Politics & Elections team wants "tools to help provide information about the federal election, but also offer a way to connect and engage with district-level candidates." It's great to see Dart being used to help the electoral process. Read more about the anno

10 Upcoming Dart Talks From Around the Globe

The fall conference season is starting, with Dart sessions in JavaScript, Java, and software conferences around the world. Some upcoming presentations: Blend , Oct 1-2, France Speaker: S├ębastien Deleuze Softshake , Oct 24-25, Switzerland Speaker: S├ębastien Deleuze GDG Seattle Devfest , Sept 27, Seattle, WA, USA Speaker: Emily Fortuna JavaZone , Sept 11-12, Norway Speaker: Seth Ladd dotJS , Dec 2, Paris, France Speaker: Lars Bak JAZOON , Oct 22, Zurich Speaker: Paul Brauner JAX , Oct 29, London Speaker: Chris Buckett Devoxx , Nov 11-15, Belgium Keynote: