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Showing posts from November, 2011

New Dart Editor build 1584

Posted by David Chandler
A new Dart Editor build (1584) is available for download. Changes include: New menu command produces significantly smaller JS using DartC --optimizeFor the Clock sample, 6.7M JS file during development --> 127k JS using new "Tools > Generate Optimized Javascript..." command, less than 2% of original sizeOmnibox search now includes cross-file text searchProperly show getters and setters in Outline viewSort private members to bottom of outline viewUpdated New Application template to use dart:html (rather than dart:dom)Enable Run button only when HTML file is presentOpen Declaration from #source(...) now properly opens source in subfolderOpen Declaration cannot find window or documentCache artifacts across sessions to improve first compile after session startCode Completion enhancements and fixesAdded Mac OSX 32 bit buildCompiler improvementsAlso see the change log. For instructions on downloading, installing, and using Dart Editor, see the Dart Edit…

Dart language spec v0.05 now available

Posted by Kathy Walrath
Version 0.05 of the Dart language spec is now available in PDF and, for the first time, in HTML (through Google Docs). Changes include: Global: Added hyperlinks.7.1.2: Removed unary plus operator. Clarified that operator formals must be required.7.5.3: Filled in a lot of missing detail.8.3: Allowed factory class to be declared via a qualified name.10.3: Changed production for Number.10.10.2: Added requirements that actuals be constant, rules for dealing with inappropriate types of actuals, and examples. Also explicitly prohibit type variables.10.13.4: Modified final bullet to keep it inline with similar clauses in other sections. Exact wording of these sections also tweaked slightly.10.25: Specified ! operator. Eliminated section on prefix expressions and moved contents to section on unary expressions.14.1: Specified unicode form of Dart source.

New Dart Editor build

Posted by Kathy Walrath
A new Dart Editor build (1357) is available for download. Changes include: Visual indication when source files are read onlyFix Open Declaration when destination is in subfolderRemove non-standard DOM reference from new application templateFix slow memory leakFix various Save File bugsWe've also started publishing a list of changes, to help you decide when to download a new version of Dart Editor. For instructions on downloading, installing, and using Dart Editor, see the Dart Editor tutorial.

Dart language spec v0.04 now available

Posted by Kathy Walrath
Version 0.04 of the Dart language spec is now available. Changes include: 7.1, 8.1: Added missing requirement that overriding methods have same number of required parameters and all optional parameters as overridden method, in same order.9: Added prohibition against cyclic type hierarchy for type parameters.10.10: Clarified requirements on use of parameterized types in instance creation expressions.10.13.2: Added requirement that qi are distinct.10.14.2: Static method invocation determines the function (which may involve evaluating a getter) before evaluating the arguments, so that static invocation and top-level function invocation agree.10.30: Added missing test that type being tested against is in scope and is indeed a type.11.5.1: Changed for loop to introduce fresh variable for each iteration.13.8: Malformed parameterized types generate warnings, not errors (except when used in reified contexts like instance creation and superclasses/interfaces).