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Showing posts from October, 2011

Try out the Dart editor!

Posted by David Chandler

Dart Editor "alpha" binaries are now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Dart Editor is a lightweight, open-source editor based on Eclipse components. In addition to editing Dart programs, you can use Dart Editor to invoke the Dart-to-JavaScript compiler and launch Dart-based web apps. Get started with the Dart Editor tutorial, where you can download the continuous or integration builds.a

A coding style guide

Posted by Bob Nystrom

I just finished putting the final touches on our first coding style guide for Dart. Having a consistent style makes it easier for all of us to read each other's code. I think the Python and Ruby communities do a great job of this in particular, and I hope we can do something similar for Dart.

Dart slides from SenchaCon available

Posted by David Chandler
I recently presented Building Modern Apps with HTML5 and DART at SenchaCon. The Dart section begins with slide 26and illustrates some of the ways in which Dart facilitates the building of large-scale applications while retaining the lightweight feel of a scripting language. Click on the Dart code samples to see highlighting of various language features. We'll be adding more presentations at soon.

Dart language spec v0.03 now available

Posted by Seth Ladd
Now available for your enjoyment, the Dart language spec version 0.03 has been published. Some of the changes include: 2: Expanded examples of grammar.7.5.2: Corrected reference to undefined production typeVariables to typeParameters.7.9: Removed static warning when imported superinterface of a class contains private members.8.3: Removed redundant prohibition on default values.8.4: Removed static warning when imported superinterface of an interface contains private members.10: Fixed typo in grammar10.10.1, 10.10.2 : made explicit accessibility requirement for class being constructed.10.10.2: make clear that referenced constructor must be marked const.10.14.3: fixed botched sentence where superclass S is introduced.10.27: qualified definition of v + + so it is clear that v is an identifier.