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Dart language spec v0.03 now available

Posted by Seth Ladd
Now available for your enjoyment, the Dart language spec version 0.03 has been published.
Some of the changes include:
  • 2: Expanded examples of grammar.
  • 7.5.2: Corrected reference to undefined production typeVariables to typeParameters.
  • 7.9: Removed static warning when imported superinterface of a class contains private members.
  • 8.3: Removed redundant prohibition on default values.
  • 8.4: Removed static warning when imported superinterface of an interface contains private members.
  • 10: Fixed typo in grammar
  • 10.10.1, 10.10.2 : made explicit accessibility requirement for class being constructed.
  • 10.10.2: make clear that referenced constructor must be marked const.
  • 10.14.3: fixed botched sentence where superclass S is introduced.
  • 10.27: qualified definition of v + + so it is clear that v is an identifier.