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Dart language spec v0.04 now available

Posted by Kathy Walrath
Version 0.04 of the Dart language spec is now available.
Changes include:
  • 7.1, 8.1: Added missing requirement that overriding methods have same number of required parameters and all optional parameters as overridden method, in same order.
  • 9: Added prohibition against cyclic type hierarchy for type parameters.
  • 10.10: Clarified requirements on use of parameterized types in instance creation expressions.
  • 10.13.2: Added requirement that qi are distinct.
  • 10.14.2: Static method invocation determines the function (which may involve evaluating a getter) before evaluating the arguments, so that static invocation and top-level function invocation agree.
  • 10.30: Added missing test that type being tested against is in scope and is indeed a type.
  • 11.5.1: Changed for loop to introduce fresh variable for each iteration.
  • 13.8: Malformed parameterized types generate warnings, not errors (except when used in reified contexts like instance creation and superclasses/interfaces).