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Dart Team's (Bi)Weekly Digest

Posted by Anders Sandholm

Another round of updates from the Dart team:
  • In Dartium we now have better memory management in DOM bindings and better support for IndexedDB API and various other APIs.
  • In the Dart Editor full debugging is turned on by default and we have an initial cut of new html + css editors. We have live css editing, i.e., your css edits get pushed up to Dartium live, without you having to refresh or relaunch the browser. Moreover, we landed a few improvements on: 1) debugging field inspection and Dartium stability, 2) parser recovery and code completion and 3) dartdoc hover text. Finally, we have new Callers view.
  • The work on pub is continuing - package: added to vm/frog/dart2js.
  • The Dart Language Tour added classes, libraries, isolates, and interfaces.
  • The Global Dart Hackathon was announced.