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New 'Run as JavaScript' option in Dart Editor

Posted by Dan Rubel

New Dart Editor build available. Highlights from build 9661 include:
  • Reduced the memory requirements of the Editor
  • Parsing and indexing speed has been improved by 10% - 20%
  • Added caching so that some UI actions (like opening context menus) are faster.
  • Improve code completion for top-level names.
  • new 'Run as JavaScript' context menu item to make it easier to execute JavaScript (non-Dartium) launches.
  • Fully implemented the feature to allow debugging an app launched from a url (i.e. running from a 3rd party web server).
  • Debugger fixes and UX improvements
  • Top-level semantic highlighting presentation tweaks
  • Debugger tooltips for the command-line debugger
  • 3 analysis fixes

You can read the full change log or start with the Dart Editor Tutorial.