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New Dart Editor Build With More Libraries Moving To Using Streams and Futures

Dart Editor has a new build. Eric Clayberg 
fills us in on the details:

A new Dart Editor build is available at include:
  • Cleanup for => onClick.listen changes.
  • New application wizards updated for library changes.
  • Bug fix for debugging Dartium launches on Windows machines using IPv6.
Breaking Change List:
  • dart2js: temporarily remove --disable-unsafe-eval ***
  • dart:html
    • Web SQL APIs have moved into dart:web_sql, Database was renamed to SqlDatabase
    • Geolocation API has been cleaned up w/ futures & streams.
  • dart:io
    • Version 2 of the dart:io library moving to using streams and futures extensively for all async operations instead for registration of callbacks.
  • libraries:
    • BiDirectionalIterator -> BidirectionalIterator
*** Note that as a result this version does not support for developing Chrome Applications. If you're using that feature, you should stick with the M3 release for now. ***

And as always,view the changelog for the full list of changes, and to get started with the Editor see our tutorial.