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Ecma to hold workshop on the Dart programming language

Ecma will hold a workshop on Dart on September 20, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, US. We encourage both members and nonmembers to let us know they are interested in attending.

In April 2013, Dart was proposed for standardization by Ecma International. In June 2013 at the Ecma General Assembly a successful presentation on Dart was held, a draft scope of work was proposed, and the topic of standardization was discussed.

The Ecma GA has decided to progress with the project, and will hold the workshop on Dart before the October Ecma CC meeting. In the workshop we'll give a short introduction to Dart, set the direction for the possible future Dart work in Ecma, and discuss potential new features in Dart.

Members of the Dart project, including Dart's "Chief Specification Officer" Gilad Bracha, will be in attendance.

The workshop is a good opportunity to help drive the evolution of the Dart language. Please register your interest before September 6.