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Dart Team's (Bi)Weekly Digest

Posted by Anders Sandholm

Another round of updates from the Dart team:
  • In terms of the language, version of the spec 0.08 was pushed out.  
  • The dart2js compiler is now self-hosting - at least under certain “lab” conditions. A few more commits (that are underway) and we should be there.
  • In Dartium we now have initial support for SVG documents.
  • In the Dart Editor, we have Copy/Paste and show libraries in bold in Files view. There is also initial support for excluding files/directories from analysis. Debugger improvements. Analysis, Frog, and SDK fixes
  • Performance on dart:html significantly improved.
  • Work on the pub -- a package manager for Dart -- has started. First checkin has occurred and discussions happening on the Dart mailing list.
  • SDK now includes unittest.
  • We improved error handling in dart:io to give meaningful error messages to users when operations fail.