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Dart Editor improves on code completion in new build

Posted by Devon Carew

A new Dart Editor build is now available. Highlights from build 8124 include:

  • New, improved Editor documentation!
  • Improved code completion in the absence of explicit type information
    • we now have improved type inference in if, while, for and for-in statements
  • All launches now run in checked mode by default
  • All launches (JavaScript and Dartium) now serve from a server and not from a file: url
    • this plays better with loading resources using XHR and the browser security model
  • Analysis results now cached between sessions ==> faster startup speeds
  • Fix for an issue with lots of warnings related to final fields
  • Fix for a performance issue with the outline view

Read the full change log or start with the Dart Editor documentation.

Thanks for trying the Dart Editor!