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dart2js now the default compiler in Dart Editor

Posted by Seth Ladd

Today, Kasper Lund announced that dart2js, the Dart to JavaScript compiler, is now the default compiler in the Dart Editor.

From his post to the mailing list:

As the natural next step towards deprecating frog, we're making
dart2js the default Dart-to-JavaScript compiler in the Dart editor
today. The change is still pending
(, but I will post an
update once it lands (UPDATE: it's landed). Frog is still available in the SDK and the
editor still uses it for compilation, but you have to opt-in to using
it from your HTML files by changing your script tags to explicitly
request it through the data-compiler attribute:

  <script src=... data-compiler="frog">

As always we appreciate your feedback and we're looking forward to
finishing the transition to dart2js.