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Significant speed improvements for new Dart Editor

Posted by Devon Carew

A new Dart Editor build is now available. Highlights from build 7905 include:

  • The new analysis engine is turned on - performance for large projects should be significantly improved
  • dart2js is now the default JavaScript compiler in the editor. See this note from Kasper for more info.
  • Initial support for resolving package: imports
  • Type propagation support! code completion now works with many var variables:
  • var foo = "mystring"; // code completion for foo will give you methods for the class String
  • Added the ability to customize key bindings
  • UI improvements in the Search box / UI, and in the manage launches dialog
  • Bug fixes to the rename refactoring
  • Checked mode is now default mode for running VM and Dartium apps

Read the full change log or start with the Dart Editor tutorial.