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9 ways to follow along with Dart

Posted by Seth Ladd

"How do I keep up with all the news and info about Dart?" was a great question posted to our mailing list. This post summarizes how you, the busy developer, can keep up with Dart.

  1. Subscribe to for postings on upcoming language changes, announcements, and news.
  2. Circle +Dart on Google+ for news and community projects.
  3. Follow #dartlang on Twitter and #dartlang on G+ to get an overview of all Dart activity.
  4. Ask and answer questions about Dart on Stack Overflow.
  5. Community news is posted to
  6. Blog posts about Dart are collected at
  7. Star issues at to get email updates. Try searching for M1 milestone issues.
  8. Watch the Dartisans show (video and podcast) for interviews and discussions.
  9. If you like discussing language design, join the Dart discussion mailing list.
Hope that helps!