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New Dart Editor build

Eric Clayberg fills us in on the details on the new Dart Editor build:
A new Dart Editor build is available at Changes include:
  • Added a new sample to the welcome page - Solar 3D! This demonstrates the use of WebGL. You can view it at Tools > Welcome Page.
  • Removed support for obsolete style annotations @deprecated and @override in comments.
  • Opening the samples from the Welcome page now creates the sample contents in user.home/dart directory.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where we couldn’t launch applications with spaces in the path name..
Breaking Change List:
  • The asynchronous Element.rect API has been removed, in its place are the standard DOM methods (clientWidth, offsetHeight, etc). 
  • Remove support for old style pub package layouts.
And as always, view the changelog for the full list of changes, and to get started with the Editor see our tutorial.
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