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Dart Milestone 2 Brings Smaller JavaScript Output and Package Uploads to Pub

Anders Sandholm gives us some of the details of the Milestone 2 (M2) release:

We’re happy to announce the next milestone of the Dart project - M2. The bits for the editor and SDK are available at

A few features you may like in this release:

  • Significantly smaller generated JavaScript from dart2js due to tree-shaking of the html libraries and general minification.  Tree-shaking is on by default. Minification requires the command line flag --minify.  As a result, the generated code for swarm is now only half the size compared to M1.
  • Support for uploading of user packages to pub.

The M3 release will focus on core library cleanup and the new streaming API for asynchronous communication.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and thanks for your support.

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