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Dec 17 Language Design Meeting Notes: Configuration-Specific Code, Optional Named Params

Dart engineer Bob Nystrom has posted the notes from the December 17th language design meeting. He writes:

Here's my notes from this week's meeting. It was a short one since we were mostly focused on M2:

Configuration-specific code

There's been some discussion among the language designers about this, but I haven't seen the details.

Gilad says that libraries are parametric definitions. An import can define paramaters. The restriction is that these parameters have to be constants.

Optional named params

Lars says people are starting to nag him about a problem: sometimes with optional named parameters, you want to forward exactly what was passed. The language doesn't currently give you a way to do that without a combinatorial explosion.

He asked Gilad if he can cook up some syntax where you can optionally pass a parameter.


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