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New Dart Editor Build with Pub Publish Available

Dart Editor has a new build. Daniel Rubel fills us in on the details:

A new Dart Editor build is available at include:
  • Pub publish command
  • More cleanups including: => onClick.listen
      migrate Future.delayed()
      migrate Uri.isAbsolute/hasAuthority() to getter
      migrate Timer
  • Minor fixes to Samples
Breaking Change List:

  • A number of Indexed DB APIs have been updated to return Futures, more will be updated.
  • Deprecated events syntax has been removed.
  • Element.dataAttributes has been removed, use Element.dataset instead.
  • deprecated Collections-methods removed.
  • New StringBuffer API, implementing StringSink interface.
For more, see the latest news.

And as always, view the changelog for the full list of changes, and to get started with the Editor see our tutorial.